« STILMAN's 2020 Vision

STILMAN’S 2020 Vision is our commitment to build a company that lasts—to ensure an intelligent future for businesses and governments throughout the world over the next 20 years. We have set various milestones for accomplishing this vision, and we firmly believe STILMAN will be a Fortune 500 company in 2020.

The foundation for our vision lies in the power and flexibility of the LG Engine. It utilizes an approach that generalizes across just about any problem domain. As such, STILMAN will be able to supply the demand for strategic intelligence in scores of diverse markets. In other words, all competition is a game. Business is a game. Transportation is a game. National defense is a game. Internet routing is a game. Medical treatment is a game. Mass production is a game. Life is a game.

For centuries, humanity has marveled at the abilities of military generals, CEOs, coaches, athletes, scientists, and even chess champions. These people are the acknowledged leaders in their fields. They are consistently able to read situations quickly and accurately, and they respond with unbelievable force to create victories for themselves and their teams.

Do Jack Welch, Chairman and CEO of General Electric, and General Colin Powell, leader of the American forces in the Gulf War, have something in common? How about World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov and Michael Jordan? Or NBA coach Phil Jackson and Albert Einstein?

They do have something in common. They play “games”, and they play them extraordinarily well. Their games have different fields, different pieces and different goals. But they all utilize certain ways of thinking through problems. They isolate problems and solve them, all the while keeping in mind the importance of the entire system they’re dealing with—no matter how complex. How do they do this? What are the methods? What is the process? How does strategic intelligence work?

Finally, what if STILMAN can copy it, produce it, and distribute it throughout the world as software? Imagine a software product that ordinary people take from the shelf and apply it to whatever matters to them. They define the problem. Our engine helps them plan and execute the solution. A digital strategic genius for the masses. It’s like having the world’s best talent at the head of every venture. Except for one thing. Your competitor has them, too. And so does the little girl down the street. How would this change the world? Is there a limit to places where intelligence is needed? This is the scope of STILMAN’S 2020 Vision.