»Recorded Demonstrations
For a high level description of the LG tools, please download the recorded demonstrations below or order free Demo CDs from STILMAN.

First download and install this codec (avi decoder).

Then right-click the demonstration titles to download. (Due to the large file size, it is best to save the movies on your computer before viewing.)

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GDK (January, 2004; 166MB; 17 min)
Game Development Kit, a component of standard LG-PACKAGE which also includes GRT (Game Resource Tool) and GST (Game Solving Tool). GDK allows creation of new battlespaces, missions, and campaigns to work with GRT and GST allocating resources and generating strategy,tactics, and cources of actions.
LG-PROTECTOR (January, 2002; 264MB; 15 min)
An LG tool for resource allocation, planning and engagement control for the defense against cruise missiles. LG-PROTECTOR generates optimal allocation of Blue defenses while maximizing probability of successful defense against Red cruise missisile attack and minimizing the total opportunity cost of the allocated resources. Essentially, it selects the start state of the game. When this state is selected LG-PROTECTOR demonstrates the engagement based on the best strategies for both sides of a coflict with the given start state.
LG-SHIELD (August, 2003; 441MB; 10 min)
An LG tool for planning and decision aid for global operations that involve integrated Strategic Ballistic Missile Defense and Theater Air Offensive operations simultaneously.
LG-ORBITAL (December, 2003; 120MB; 6 min)
An LG tool for simulation based aquisition. On a series of experiments, LG-ORBITAL establishes feasibility of constellation of repositionable satellites by demonstrating improvement of the results of the Joint Air/Ground operations based on the improved ISR provided by the repositionable satellites (in comparison with non-repositionable satellites).
LG-SEAGUARD (March, 2004; 74MB; 10 min)
An LG tool for simulation based aquisition. On a series of experiments, LG-SEAGUARD demonstrates selection of the optimal configuration of the future LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) with respect to defensive weapons and sensors on board the ship in order to successfully withstand attack by multiple small boats.Expriments are conducted with and without air support.
LG-MOUT (June, 2004; 377MB; 10 min)
A proof-of-concept LG tool for planning and decision aid for MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). On a series of experiments, LG-MOUT demonstrates how it can discern enemy's deception and generate a strategy for the Blue side to overcome this deception. This demonstration was recorded as part of the STILMAN's bidding for the DARPA RAID project (Real-time Adversarial Intelligence and Deception reasoning).
LG-INSTRUCTOR (July, 2005; 82MB; 10 min)
What interface would be most efficient for the purpose of explaining the commander COA (courses of action) automatically generated by the LG tool? LG-INSTRUCTOR demonstrates various options of presenting LG-based COA for MOUT to the Blue commander. On a series of experiments, LG-INSTRUCTOR demonstrates advantages of the animated presentation of the COA in comparison with standard static presentation, similar to the manually drawn pictures. This new animated presentation proved its efficiency in the major wargaming experiments conducted by DARPA.
LG-EXPERT (April, 2006; 410MB; 13 min)
On a series of experiments, LG-EXPERT demonstrates rapid construction of training scenarios for MOUT operations for any place on Earth employing existing terrain data bases or satellite pictures. LG-EXPERT shows how it can help the student develop an advanced strategic thinking by steadily guiding him/her in developing more and more advanced COA (courses of action) for urban operations. In the course of training, LG-EXPERT itself demonstrates highly advanced strategic "thinking".

In these 10-15 minute demos, Oleg Umanskiy presents visual and audio descriptions of how the LG tools generate intelligent strategies for various operations.

»Live Demonstrations
One of the chief advantages of the LG tools is their portability. STILMAN scientists and software engineers have demonstrated the power of LG throughout the world with just a laptop. These presentations have been given all around the USA, in UK, Australia, and Japan. You or your company can schedule a demonstration at your office or at STILMAN's Denver, Colorado office.