The Home Page of Boris Stilman
The home page of the creator and developer of Linguistic Geometry.

LG: Summary
Based on experiences of the PIONEER Project, on expert heuristics resulting in highly selective searches. Contains a list of journal publications.
Tutorial on LG
How to solve search problems of very high dimension: The New Approach.
Development of LG
LG dramatically reduces search solving otherwise intractable problems.
Fire Vehicles Routing, Multi-Robot Cooperation, High Integrity Software, Agents Based Scheduling, ...
International Program
Publications, presentations, tutorials, and symposiums on LG generated international collaboration.
1st Symposium on
LG & Semanantic Control

Organized in Puerto Rico in 1995 within the First World Congress on Intelligent Manufacturing.
Generic Prototype
Intended to generate software for the class of pursuit-evasion robot control problems.
Mathematical Tools
How we can formally generate and investigate a mathematical model based on the abstract images extracted from the expert vision of the problem.
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