« Welcome to Stilman Advanced Strategies

STILMAN ADVANCED STRATEGIES, LLC, was formed in September 1999 to commercialize software products and services around its core technology, Linguistic Geometry, a scientific breakthrough developed by Dr. Boris Stilman over 30 years of research. The company is privately held by its founders and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. We have local affiliates in Los Angeles, CA and in London, UK.

For more information on the purpose of our work, as well as our team, please take a look at our 2020 vision and the Key Personnel.

» Demonstrations

STILMAN scientists have presented the power of the LG throughout the world. Interested companies and agencies are welcome to schedule an on-site demonstration or visit our office in Denver, Colorado.

The Demonstration Page offers high level 10-15 minute video presentations,the recorded runs of STILMAN's software with narration. These movies demonstrate the power of LG algorithms in various simulated combat domains.

» LG Brochure

"Linguistic Geometry Tools: LG-PACKAGE", 60 pp., STILMAN Advanced Strategies.
For the up-to-date technical description of the LG tools, please download a brochure, describing: